Angeli, una storia d’amore

eliseo entertainment fiction angeli una storia damore stefano reali raoul bova vanessa incontrada 2014
Regia: Stefano Reali
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema
Con: Marco Bonini, Raoul Bova, Vanessa Incontrada, Claudio Insegno, Alessandro Spadorcia, Lidia Vitale, Blu Yoshimi, Ugo Pagliai

Claudio is an unrepentant rich bachelor who, when he meets deputypolice officer Luisa, he loses his head. And when the girl, due to anaccident, struggles between life and death, our protagonist offershis life to Heaven in place of that of the policewoman. Luisa issaved, but at the same time Claudio discovers that he is losing hishuman essence and becoming an angel. Uriel, his angel mentor,explains to him that it is theconsequence of his request to save Luisa…. He adds that Luisa herselfis now a victim of oblivion and therefore no longer remembersanything that happened; indeed, she is not even able to recogniseClaudio even recognise Claudio, who appears to her as a stranger.Claudio refuses to become an angel and only has in mind to winback his policewoman. Uriel then reminds him that when he hassaved three souls, he can decide whether to remain an angel or tobecome a man again and woo Luisa again. A goal that would notbe impossible were it not were it not that someone else has his eyeon Luisa…

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