Appunti di un venditore di donne

ELISEO Entertainment CINEMA appunti di un venditore di donne 2020
Regia: Fabio Resinaro
Prodotto da: Eliseo Multimedia, Rai cinema
Di: Un film scritto e diretto da Fabio Resinaro
Con: Mario Sgueglia, Miriam Dalmazio, Libero De Rienzo, Paolo Rossi, Francesco Montanari e Antonio Gerardi. Con Claudio Bigagli e con la partecipazione di Michele Placido

April 1978. While Italy is marked by the fight against terrorism andthe Mafia, which is changing its skin, the Lombard capital, despiteits social clashes, is cloaked in a crespuscular guise. These are theyears that prepare the “Milano da bere,” a time of opulence andvice, of upscale restaurants, discos and clandestine gambling dens.In this human web, an enigmatic man marks his rise. He calls himselfBravo. His business is women. He sells them. Bravo is a nocturnalanimal, spending the liveliest hours with his fellow men, and Daytonais one of them. One night, after winning at the game, Bravo gets hima girl he approached by chance. Her name is Carla, and it is notdifficult to convince her to let him spend a couple of well-paid hourswith his friend. “ With you, I would even do it for free,” the girlwhispers to him. But Bravo does not accept that invitation becausehe guards the secret of a deep wound that has scarred his body andsoul. After all, the only person he trusts is Lucio, a blind guitaristwith whom he shares a passion for cryptograms. But then Carlareappears, who wants to get into the important business and whowill awaken feelings in Bravo that disability had silenced. But, forhim, it is not the beginning of a new life but of a nightmare that willturn him into a man hunted by the police, the underworld and aterrorist organization. Until the final showdown that, unexpectedly,is rooted in Bravo’s most intimate and familiar story.


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