Cercando segnali d’amore nell’universo

eliseo entertainment teatro cercando segnali d amore nell universo chiara noschese luca barbareschi 1998
Regia: Chiara Noschese
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia
Con: Luca Barbareschi

A show full of great emotions that reach the heart of the viewer.To celebrate the first forty years of his career, Luca Barbareschireturns to the theater with an ironic, funny, energetic one man showfull of live music that will captivate and enchant the audience. Witha literary tale that traces his career and recounts the artistic andhuman journey that has marked his professional life. He does soin the words of the greatest authors with whom he has had thegood fortune and pleasure to engage with. With the wisdom ofShakespeare or the biting irony of Mamet, he takes the viewer onan emotional journey suspended in the magic of theatrical play.With the “pretext” of his biography, he retraces the milestones ofhis life, borrowing the words of famous authors from Shakespeare,Mamet, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Aeschylus and the accompanimentof great musical composers (Mozart, James Taylor, Chico Buarque)he gives life to an exciting, moving, engaging and at the same timeentertaining show.This show is dedicated to those who have not stopped searching intheir dreams, in the night skies, in the ancient stories, in the long waits,in the desire to party because life is this strange game in which weall find ourselves acting. The show is enriched by the musical bandof Marco Zurzolo, musician and friend with whom Luca Barbareschihas shared many artistic adventures


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