Ero in guerra ma non lo sapevo

Regia: Fabio Resinaro
Prodotto da: Eliseo Multimedia, Rai cinema
Con: Francesco Montanari, Laura Chiatti


Milan, late 1970s. Pierluigi Torregiani, a self-made jeweler, suffersa robbery attempt in which a young bandit dies. He was not the shooter, but many newspapers accuse him of being a bourgeois vigilante. The political tension of the time makes him a perfect targetfor the PAC, a terrorist group led by Cesare Battisti, who identify himas a culprit to be punished. Torregiani and his family receive death threats-the danger is so real that he is assigned an escort. But the intimidation does not stop:increasingly invasive, it conditions him in his work and especially in his relationships with his family members, which are consumed until they come close to breaking up.I was at war but I didn’t know it tells of a man who, under attack despite himself, experiences a deep family crisis that is “recomposed”only after his death at the hands of self-styled revolutionaries. Story of feelings under pressure that makes us question the use of weapons to defend ourselves against criminals.A story that is still relevant given the media hype of Battisti’s recent capture in Brazil….



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