Fino all’ultimo battito

Regia: Cinzia Th Torrini
Prodotto da: Rai Fiction e Èliseo entertainment
Con: Marco Bocci, Violante Placido, Bianca Guaccero, Michele Venitucci, Francesco Foti, Francesca Valtorta, Gaja Masciale, Michele Spadavecchia, con Loretta Goggi nel ruolo di Margherita e con Fortunato Cerlino

Insignito del Premio Moige 2022 nella categoria Fiction, Serie Tv e Docu-film.

Diego Mancini is one of the youngest and most respected heartsurgeons in Italy. Brilliant and upright, he is considered by all to bepractically omnipotent. A God who challenges Death every day andalmost always wins. But Diego is not omnipotent. In reality, he is a mantorn apart because all his prowess can do nothing against the illnessof his 7-year-old son Paolo, who has always had a heart conditionand is now at the end of his strength. His son is dying and the fault ishis alone: he has passed on to him the congenital pathology that hasalready killed his father. Only a transplant could save him but timepasses and the heart does not arrive. Day after day, Diego sees his songrow weaker, his wife Elena more and more desperate, he sees Anna,Elena’s daughter whom Diego has raised as his own, increasingly sadand disheartened, estranged from an adolescence that no one willever return to her. Finally a compatible heart arrives but before Paoloon the list there is a little girl, Vanessa: the heart will go to her. It is atthis moment that something inside Diego breaks. What if his son’s turnnever comes? Diego cannot accept that. Not any more. That is whyhe injects Vanessa with the flu virus so that Paolo gets the heart thatwas meant for her. He does it because he knows he has no alternative.Because he is convinced that Vanessa will still be able to save her whilePaolo has no more hope. Diego breaks the code of ethics to whichhe has committed his entire life. He corrupts himself to save not onlyPaolo’s life but that of his own family. of his own family. The operationsucceeds. Thanks to the new heart Paolo is breathing again. And withhim also Elena and Anna, who in Diego see the author of a miracle.But it is only an illusion. There is no guilt without punishment. Crimewithout punishment. Someone in fact discovers what Diego has doneand it is not just anyone but Cosimo Patruno, a boss locked up at 41bis, to whom Diego had already refused an expert opinion in favourof house arrest and who had been keeping an eye on him ever since.been keeping an eye on him ever since. Cosimo through Rosa, theyoung and beautiful daughter-in-law, sends Diego a clear message:either he will give him a favourable compliant or everyone will knowwhat he has done. And if that happens, Diego will lose everything: thechance to practise medicine, his dignity, his future, his family. It seemsto Diego that he has no choice and soon he will find himself forcedinto worse and worse compromises, involved in a war of power withinthe Patruno clan, forced to lie to his his wife and family to protecther, on the verge of losing everything, career, esteem, honour just todefend his dearest affections.


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