In barba a tutto

eliseo entertainment in barba a tutto luca barbareschi 2021
Di: Luca Barbareschi
Con: Luca Barbareschi

Unsettling, ironic, countercultural, curious, high but at the sametime pop. This is the mood of Luca Barbareschi’s new program, In Barba a tutto. Eight episodes, airing from Monday, April 19 at 11:15p.m. on Rai3, in which the actor and director, with live interviews,aims to tell a different world in a politically incorrect way, with compelling themes and passionate guests, columns, music and fun.Watchword: sense of humor.The studio is reminiscent of a New Yorkloft, a cozy setting with a bar, a pool table, two armchairs and, in the background, a city view symbolizing an underground culture.Each episode will feature three themes and for each theme a guest.The balance of the episode will see famous people alternating with others less known to the general public. Not classic interviews dedicated to the careers of the protagonists, but focused interviews that will range from the cosmos and the romantic idea it has always aroused, to body shaming as opposed to the idea of beauty that arthas conveyed over the centuries; from food in its concept of total use of products, to the concept of God conveyed through social media. Dividing the three major themes will be monologues, videos contributions and lots of music.The band will accompany performances and passing moments,emphasizing interviews and playing with the protagonists. The dress code is informal, as informal will be the interviews

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