In punta di piedi

eliseo entertainment fiction in punta di piedi poster alessandro dalatri bianca guaccero 2017
Regia: Alessandro D’Alatri
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Bianca Guaccero, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Marco Palvetti, Giorgia Agata

In punta di piediis a story of hope, an all-female antimafia film,inspired by a true story. A battle fought with love, sacrifice,and courage by three women who managed to rebel against adestiny already written.Angela, 11, has a dream: to become a ballet dancer.So far everything is normal, except that Angela lives inSecondigliano and is the daughter of Vincenzo, a clan leader ofthe Scissionists. Since there’s a risk someone will try to retaliateagainst her father, Angela risks dying every time she leavesthe house. For this reason, she and her mother Nunzia live likerecluses. Angela’s dream seems to be destined to remain justthat: a dream.But against everything and everyone, and especially against herhusband’s will, Nunzia secretly accompanies her daughter todance lessons. She disguises her child, makes her go out in themiddle of the night, and in agreement with her teacher, Lorenza,she finds the most ingenious ways to keep her from missing herclasses. She has to give her a chance. Find her a way out of thathideous world.Thanks to her great talent, the determination and sacrifice ofher mother, and the courage of Lorenza, Angela will be ableto escape from the atrocities and ugliness to which she seemeddestined, to build a brilliant career away from the violence of theCamorra, and to become a famous étoile

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