La città della banda


It all begins one rainy winter evening in 1985, when the then head of the anti-crime section of Rome’s Squadra Mobile Nicolò D’Angelo capturesClaudio Sicilia, a leading member of the crime agency known as theBanda della Magliana. It had taken him eight long months of stalking and wiretapping, of arresting his soldiers and lieutenants, but he finally caught him. Cornered Sicily begins to talk. And in an interminable night he putson record, in front of the policeman, the entire criminal history of the Band:the kidnappings, the murders, the drug trafficking, the arms trafficking, thecorruption of the police and judiciary, the commingling with the country’sMafia organizations, with terrorist organizations, with deviated services,with important pieces of the State. He is a river in the middle of Sicily andover the course of almost a year will tell the whole story of the Band. Hewill be the most important repentant, the one who illuminates everything that has happened in Rome in twenty years of criminal history. Claudio Sicilia’s account, of his minutes, is the pick to enter the history of the ganga from its beginnings to its epilogue. In those years, the 1970s in Rome there is drug trafficking run by theMarseilles clan who also do robberies and kidnappings. After their arrestand after a series of murders without finding culprits, petty criminals emergewho belong to the batteries of the neighborhoods of Trastevere, Testaccio,Ostiense and Magliana. Here then Franco Giuseppucci (testaccino) known as er negro, Maurizio Abbatino (Magliana) and Enrico De Pedis(testaccino) get to know each other and form a small nucleus. Then they expanded with other testaccini (Abbruciati, Pernasetti and Maragnoli),with others from the Magliana (Claudio Sicilia, Marcello Colafigli, Giorgio Paradisi, Danesi, Piconi, Mastropietro, Castelletti) and then also with those from Acilia and Ostia (headed by Nicolino Selis, with him Paolo Frau and Ottorino Addis). Selis had met Cutolo in prison and plans to do in Rome The same thing he was doing in Naples. He involves Mancini, Toscano,Libero Mancone, Girlando, Leccese, Magliolo, the Giuseppe brothers, andVittorio Carnovale. Then there is the kidnapping of Duke Grazioli Lante. This is the debut of the Band: it is November 1977. At first, investigatorsmake the mistake of not tying together the various murders, which instead, belong to the single criminal strategy of a single organization: the Bandadella Magliana precisely.

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