La mia banda suona il pop

eliseo entertainment cinema la mia banda suona il pop Fausto Brizzi Christian De Sica Diego Abatantuono 2020
Regia: Fausto Brizzi
Prodotto da: Eliseo Cinema con Rai Cinema
Con: Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Angela Finocchiaro, Paolo Rossi, Natasha Stefanenko, Rinat Khismatouline e con la partecipazione di Diego Abatantuono

The wonderful 80s, the time of shoulder pads under jackets,backcombed hair and Popcorn music. How? Don’t you rememberPopcorn? One band; four sublime artists made famous byunforgettable lyrics like “Tu tu tu tu” and destined to pop like cornkernels. Here they are, the Popcorns, in the present day, under theshadowy cone of oblivion: Tony who gets by on paying his debtsby singing at the family parties of his questionable creditors; Luckywho looks 100 years older amid fears and aches; Jerry who doesnot accept his status as a street musician by telling himself he is anexperimental artist; and Micky, the only woman in the group, Jerry’ssomewhat nymphomaniacal ex-wife who hosts, for a local network,unlikely programs. It happens, however, that Popcorn has alwaysbeen the favorite musical ensemble of the very wealthy Russiantycoon Ivanov who, for his 50th birthday, wants to treat himself–in St.Petersburg–to a reunion of the group. Whatever it takes! The band’sformer manager, Gaetano, is therefore contacted by the ambiguousSergeji, Ivanov’s trusted man to recontact the singers. The problem isthat Gaetano now hates Popcorn and insists on proposing far betteralternatives: he would have the likes of Pupo or Sabrina Salerno athis disposal. But with Ivanov there is no question, he wants Popcornand he’s going to get it! However, the four band members, each fora different reason, flatly reject the offer. The wounds between themhave never healed, and they all set out to pursue dreams and goalsthey say are more palatable. But it soon becomes clear that, in thestars, a higher will has written that the réunion must take place.In fact, the aforementioned “dreams and goals,” as in a mockinggame of fate, all suddenly come undone inducing the old comradesto accept, albeit unwillingly, the bizarre proposal. The artists areready for the new adventure, not exactly “toned down” but by nowwith their suitcases packed. In St. Petersburg, amid dress rehearsals,sound checks, quarrels, old loves, old grudges and new betrayals,the four discover — to their amazement — that they are to serve as thetrojan horse for a colossal robbery planned by the “trusty” Sergejiagainst Ivanov Their resistance is futile. But the perplexities are soonconverted into feelings of opposite polarity. The four see, in thecriminal scheme, a saving potential for everyone’s lives–what wouldhappen then if they tried to steal that money from them? Why not justtry for the big score? Meanwhile, however, the delirious audience,after so many years, loudly cheers, “Popcorn, Popcorn…”


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