L’anatra all’arancia

Eliseo Entertainment Teatro L'anatra all'arancia 2016
Regia: Luca Barbareschi
Prodotto da: Teatro Eliseo, Fondazione Teatro Della Toscana
Di: William Douglas Home

“The Orange Duck ” is a cult comedy theater play by William Douglas Home, adapted by the celebrated Marc Gilbert Sauvajon. An emblematic title of that dramaturgy that elicits laughter withclass, through a skillful and subtle use of the theatrical machine. A Beautiful universal story of a man and a woman and their ménagethrown into crisis by the personality of him, selfish, self-centered,prone to betrayal, a victim of his own being a clown who ends up trying those around him. And how the protagonist invents a way to win back the wife who betrayed him and whom he loved, concocting a plan to prove to her that he is her only love even after twenty-five years. Luca Barbareschi, here also serving as a fine director, and Chiara Noschese animate the gear of this comedy embellished with tasty and irresistible dialogue


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