Le ragazze dello swing

eliseo entertainment fiction le ragazze dello swing maurizio zaccaro fascismo 2010
Regia: Maurizio Zaccaro
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Andrea Osvárt, Lotte Verbeek, Elise Schaap, Sylvia Kristel, Giuseppe Battiston, Giovanni Ferreri, Marina Massironi, Sergio Assisi, Maurizio Marchetti, Gualtiero Burzi, Luca Canale Brucculeri, Viviana Dragani, Piero Passatore (Piero Ali Passatore), Kai Portman, Beppe Rosso

During Fascism, three Dutch sisters, Alexandra, Judith andKittyLeschan, tried to make a name for themselves in the worldof pop music. After several attempts, thanks to their foreignaccent, the record company Cetra selected them. Eiar, which hadinitially discarded them, retraced its steps and won them back witha contract superior to the competing house. The girls, forced toItalianise their name to Lescano, began to record their first recordsand became the most popular vocal trio in Italy. Memorable hitslike ‘C’è un’orchestra sincopata’, ‘Tulipan’, ‘Maramao perché seimorto’ and many others were born. But in spite of their successand fame, the three sisters, because of their mother’s Jewish origin,were cancelled from all radio programmes and liquidated by Eiar.



Premio come Miglior Miniserie e come Migliori Attrici Protagoniste al 51° Festival della Televisione di Montecarlo del 2011. Premio come Miglior Miniserie al 17th Shanghai Television Festival del 2011.

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