Le Voci Sole

Regia: Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi
Prodotto da: Nieminen Film, Point Nemo, Eliseo Entertainment
Con: Giovanni Storti, Alessandra Faiella, Davide Calgaro


An accumulation of fragments, pieces of life that make up a narrativeline set on ellipses, elementary particles that guide the viewer insidea world to be recomposed at each change of scene. Entire sequencesof video calls interspersed with scenes of life in the factory, a distantfoundry, framed with long, dilated totals, seasoned with phone callsand audio messages that the three protagonists exchange in thebackground, off-screen. Absent but present at the same time, in anincessant short circuit that compares the alienation of work in thefactory, where the man seems a mere appendage of a sinister andmechanical production context, to the minute and tangible dynamicsof the daily relationship between wife , husband and son, lost in theperverse vortex of popularity reached by chance on the net that willeventually trap them.A subtle balance created by the alternation between video calls,where realism stands out, and the industrial horizon of the Polishfactory, outlined in an almost documentary, vivid and palpable key.Here the call fence soon becomes a prison, entire claustrophobicsequences that relegate the characters to mere tools in the hands ofthe network audience, just as the foundry workers are subjugatedto machines and elements (the fire of the furnaces, the storms ofdust blown by the wind, rain and frost of Poland) that dominate thefactory.Characters trapped in a suffocating situation, bigger than them.An invisible, sneaky enemy that surrounds them to the point ofoverwhelming them. There is no space to escape it, only the horizonof a new awareness. A research that we had already carried outin our short films and that here we have tried to push to the end,a productive and narrative challenge that fascinated us from thebeginning.


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