Like mother like slaughter



Violet, an unkempt, heartbroken daughter moves back into the family Manor with her socialite Mother. The two women slowly revert back to the dynamic of a teenager at war with her boundary-less parent. As their worlds clash against each other, Violet becomes more and more hysterical until she reaches boiling point making an out of control mistake that will change both of their lives forever. Mother and Daughter are pushed together, forced to deal with what has happened without any outside help, but everyone deals with things in their own way and a deep neurosis develops in Violet forcing her into an internal storm on her conscience.

Like Mother Like Slaughter deep dives into a feminine right of passage where Violet frees her self from the matrimony of her Mother’s protection, it is an extreme portrayal of becoming you own woman and cutting the chord with she who gave you life. Can you blame your Mother for everything or does there come time where you need to accept that life is in your hands and your decisions belong to you?

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