L’olimpiade Nascosta

eliseo entertainment fiction l'olimpiade nascosta alfredo peyretti cristiana capotondi 2012
Regia: Alfredo Peyretti
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Cristiana Capotondi, Alessandro Roja, Gary Lewis, Andrea Bosca, Johannes Brandrup.

Roja, Capotondi, Bosca: the best of young Italian cinema in aninternational production. Inspired by a true story. 1944. In a Polishprison camp a group of prisonersplans a symbolic Olympics to regain the human dignity human dignitythat the Nazis daily trampled on. Discovered by their torturers, theyaccept the impossible challenge posed by the Germans, intent onactually competing in the Olympics to demonstratedefinitively their superiority over them. Surprisingly, the prisonersaccept. Not because they believe they can defeat them on the field(in the conditions they are in it would be impossible), but becausewith the help of the Resistance, by distracting the Germans withraces, they can save the innocent lives of women and childrenlocked up in an adjacent transit camp.THE PROJECT: 2012 is the Olympic year and as part of theevents that will characterise the London Olympics is the project byCasanova Multimedia. A work of international scope that reflectsthe cosmopolitan character of the prison camp narrated to alsolaunch a concrete message of tolerance between nationalitiesethnic groups and different characters, which is the very sense ofthe Olympics

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