L’ultimo Gattopardo

eliseo entertainment teatro l ultimo gattopardo andrea battistini luca barbareschi commedia 2006
Regia: Andrea Battistini
Prodotto da: Taormina Arte – Fondazione Palazzo Della Cultura Di Latina – Teatro Manzoni di Milano
Con: Luca Barbareschi

The story tells the vicissitudes of the noble Salina family lineage,suspended between remembering and being, alternating betweenflashes of a dazzling past and bourgeois drama, profound reflectionson time, especially inner time, and reality through the melancholyand proud gaze of Fabrizio Corbera, the last Leopard. A man witha complex soul, characterized by deep inner conflict and apparentcalm, in his mind he conceals thoughts that escape the world aroundhim and excruciating reflections on human nature. Only his belovednephew Tancredi senses his troubled nature , the only one in whomthe man-leopard sees himself reflected as he helplessly witnesses theend of an era. The handsome, enthusiastic and reckless Tancrediconvinces Fabrizio to agree to a wedding with Angelica, thedaughter of the wealthy and parvenu Don Calogero Sedara. In thesalons of the Donnafugata summer residence, we will witness thedescending parable of existence, a journey into the doubt of a man,great provocateur and sublime victim, until the epilogue of his life

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