Sparita nel nulla – il caso Elena Ceste

Regia: Gaetano Acunzo
Prodotto da: Eliseo Entertainment, Discovery Channel

The docufilm “The Elena Ceste Case” reconstructs the story of the disappearance of Elena Ceste, 37-year-old mother of four children, who was reported missing on January 24, 2014.For nine months, the case catalyzed the media attention of TV new sand talk shows, elevating to the role of protagonist the woman’s husband, firefighter Michele Buoninconti. An exemplary father, acaring husband, on whom investigators soon turned their investigativelens. The narrative makes extensive use of original materials in the investigation’s files: unpublished audio and video of wiretaps telephone and environmental intercepts against the main suspect Michele Buoninconti; carabinieri photo files; and unpublished footage related to the search for the poor woman’s body. The narrative is conducted at some points by the voice of the woman’s husband, through the original audio and unpublishedof the nterrogations and telephone conversations intercepted by investigators.The narrative develops along two lines: a private and personalline of Elena Ceste and, by reflection, of her husband Michele Buoninconti, which delves into their relationship and alleged motive;another investigative line, typical of the crime genre, based on courtdocuments.The narrative mesh is woven from the audience of interviewees, including investigators, technical consultants and lawyers. These include the former chief prosecutor of Asti, Giorgio Vitari; theforensic doctors appointed by the prosecution, Franco Romanazziand Maria Gugliuzza; and criminologists Roberta Bruzzone, the plaintiff’s consultant, and Ursula Franco, Buoninconti’s defense consultant

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