eliseo entertainment cinema thanks for vaselina Gabriele Di Luca Luca Zingaretti 2018
Regia: Gabriele Di Luca
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia
Con: Antonio Folletto, Massimiliano Setti, Beatrice Schiros, Francesca Turrini, Maria Chiara Augenti, Claudio Bigagli, Luca Zingaretti

DEDICATED TO ALL FAMILY MEMBERSOF THE VICTIMSAND TO ALL THE VICTIMSFAMILY MEMBERS.Fil, a disillusioned 30-year-old, and Charlie, a devoted animalactivist, grow marijuana in the house they live in. They wantto move to Costa Rica to start a Dutch-style coffee shop but inthe middle of the jungle. Charlie, in fact, a genius grower, hasinvented a new and prolific seed species of the plant that willmake them rich. Everything takes off when they meet Wanda, anobese and insecure 30-year-old woman who agrees to “house”the seed-filled eggs in her body, becoming an unsuspected drugcourier. Together with Lucia, Fil’s mother with a slot machineobsession, the two prepare her for the trip. Everything becomescomplicated, when after years of absence, Annalisa, Fil’s fatherand Lucia’s ex-husband, who has since become a transsexualand a member of a religious sect, returns


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