The startup

eliseo entertainment cinema the startup alessandro dalatri Luca Barbareschi 2017
Regia: Alessandro D'Alatri
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema
Con: Andrea Arcangeli, Paola Calliari, Matilde Gioli

THESTARTUP,IGNITE YOUR FUTURE.What is the dream of every kid (and not only) today?Invent an app and turn! That’s what happens to Matteo Achilli, a19-year-old from Rome, who, exasperated by the umpteenth injusticesuffered, invents a social network that brings together job supplyand demand in an innovative way.At first no one believes in the project and many are hawks ready totake advantage of him. At some point comes the turning point. Andthe boy thus finds himself, from one day to the next, at the center ofthe interests of the world that counts.From Rome to Milan, from the Corviale suburb to Milanese salons:in a short time Matteo gains popularity and money.His face is on the front pages of newspapers and his start-up hasthousands of subscribers.But the world of success is a jungle: are you prey or predator?There is a price to pay: family, friendship, love.What will Matteo choose?Based on a true story.


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