Walter Chiari

eliseo entertainment fiction walter chiari enzo monteleone luca barbareschi 2012
Regia: Enzo Monteleone
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Di: Luca Barbareschi
Con: Luca Barbareschi, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere

The extraordinary and unrestrained life of one of the best-lovedactors in Italian cinema and television. From prison, where heawaits trial for cocaine possession, Walter Chiari recalls his risefrom a simple Isotta-Fraschini factory worker to a great star ofrevue and light theatre. For him, true fame arrived with the cinemaand participation in the first television programmes, thanks towhich he became a familiar face for the entire nation. Success wasaccompanied by a very intense love life: Walter dated Miss ItalyLucia Bosè, the most beautiful woman in the world Ava Gardner andthe woman who would become the mother of his son, Alida Chelli.After his conviction, Walter finds himself alone and with his careerdestroyed. He starts from scratch, a new professional life betweenevenings in provincial clubs and nascent private TV channels withthe help of his lifelong friend Valeria Fabrizi. His performance inRomance seemed to relaunch him at the Venice Film Festival, but hestill hasn’t stopped paying…The Walter Chiari -Fino all’ultima risataproject is a two-part miniseries produced by Casanova Multimediafor Rai Fiction, which aired on Rai Uno on 26 and 27 February2012, reaching 5.5 million viewers for the first episode (share 21%)and 6.5 million for the second (22.7%). The project stems from anold promise made by Luca Barbareschi to Walter Chiari during themaking of Romance in 1986. That promise concerned the fact that,if he had the chance, Barbareschi would have to make a work tocommemorate Chiari’s career. With these premises was born wasborn, directed by Enzo Monteleone, who also wrote the subjectand the screenplay together with Luca Rossi, all enriched by theadvice of Walter Chiari’s only son, Simone Annicchiarico. To playthe famous artist was called Alessio Boni, one of the most attentiveItalian actors in staging his characters, while in the roles of thebeautiful women loved by Walter are Karin Proia, Caterina Misasi,Anna Drijver Dajana Roncione and Bianca Guaccero in the part ofthe friend of always

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