An italian scandal – il sistema


To understand this history, it is necessary to start far back. From when,with a Second World War behind them and a country to be rebuilt, theItalian Left found a reverberation of thought in a current of the Magistracy.It is the mid-1960s, a profound legal crisis is being experienced, and the Magistratura Democratica current aims to actively intervene in the delicate process of changing the issues of jurisdiction. Over the years, however, the leftist current of the Judiciary becomes increasingly powerful and contributes to transforming a virtuous mechanism into a self-referential phenomenon. A “ mother house” to seek political protection, feed its ambitions and thicken its network of relationships.But whoever crosses the threshold of that House automatically enters the “System.” This is the story of Andrea Donati, an “enfant prodige”of the Judiciary. Born in the deepest South, in a land where legality becomes a form of survival against the underworld, Andrea graduated at a very young age from the Sapienza University of Rome. His is avocation. At 22, he won the competition in the Magistracy and dreams- with his fiancée Lucia – of starting a family and raising children with sound traditional values. And Andrea, a brilliant mind with a strong desire for redemption, immediately makes people talk about him. Heknows the code by heart, connects articles and paragraphs with ease and knows the human soul. He is noticed by Carlo Arcuri, a leading exponent of that current in the Judiciary capable of having a voice in the country’s political agenda. Arcuri soon becomes Andrea’s mentor.The young magistrate learns quickly, including the importance of having a shield of protection in daring moves. It happens, however, that the old magistrate begins to have defaults and make mistakes. Arcuri is losing lucidity or the balance, around him, is changing. In this disorientation,Andrea Donati manages to complete his ascent. At just under 40, he becomes the youngest Magistrates’ Association president in history.Soon after, everyone recognizes him as one of the spearheads of theSupreme Judicial Council. And it is then that, intoxicated with power,he begins to weave the web and, at the same time, to become a victim of the “System,” of that inviolable power of the judiciary, which cannot be undermined. Those who oppose it are shot down in the face of judgments or perhaps with a leak of information or wiretaps on their private lives. Because Andrea, progressively, begins to derail off the tracks of the family he had so strongly wanted. And there he is plunging into the abyss: he is accused of undue dealings with businessmen and politicians and of working illicitly to steer assignments and appointments.Donati is now the emblem of judicial malpractice. And that is whenAndrea Donati decides that he has not yet lost everything. He has the knowledge of the Truth on his side. And that, too, he now calls forJustice.

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