Oro Azzurro

In the summer of 2021, four young men went down in history forgiving Italy a dream: gold medal in the Olympic Relay. Marcell Jacobs, Lorenzo Patta, Eseosa Fostine Desalu and Filippo Tortu. Their stories are narrated with an alternation of temporal planes: their childhood and early youth, their relationships with their families (the splendid mother of Marcell and Fausto who compensate for the absence of their fathers; the relationship between Filippo and Salvino, as intense as that between a son and his father / coach can be; the self-denial with which Lorenzo’s parents follow his sporting path), their tales united by the passion and spirit of sacrifice that the four boys used to shape their dream. Their relationships with the coaches, figures of reference in their personal life, as well as in sports. The rise, almost never linear (injuries, falls, ascents), which leads them to the Olympics. Friendship and healthy rivalry between teammates- four individuals who (through the passages, even symbolic ones, ofthe witness) must become “one body &quot”. The tears of defeat, when you want to give up everything, and you need an exceptional motivator like Di Mulo to put the pieces back together; and those even more unstoppable for a victory: Marcell Jacobs’s gold in the hundred meters, which becomes a spur for everyone (“Marcell is a great talent, but he won because he believed in it strength of the head is everything.” – Desalu repeats himself, in the endless hours between the first round and the final). Relatives who have stayed at home, and while waiting to see the race on TV, live this crucial time trying to be supportive from a far- by phone, or through messages… To frame all these stories, the final race: 37.50 seconds that contain four entire lives made of sacrifices, sweat, doubts, physical pain – and transform all this into an exaltation destined to remain forever. We want to tell, with due delicacy, the personal stories of the protagonists, showing how each of them has become the champion he is, from where he drew the physical and mental resources to impose himself. But we also want to unleash the full epic scope of their success, because the four athletes are heroes of our times, and we want to tell them as such

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