Barbareschi Sciock

eliseo entertainment doc e light barbareschi sciock luca barbareschi 2010
Regia: Cristiano D’alisera
Prodotto da: Alessandro Cioffi, Massimo Modica, Peppe Strazzeri
Di: Casanova Multimedia
Con: Luca Barbareschi

Luca Barbareschi’s great return to television. A variety of “unruly”rule, high and very low together; to discover that with a differentpoint of view one can spot an unusual and sometimes … better world.The program, live from the Videa studios in Rome, is an anomaloustalk show in search of an alternative–perhaps incorrect–viewpointof reality. Each episode revolves around a series of intriguinginterviews with celebrities and non-famous people: three stages anda catwalk will be the scene of unusual and surprising encounters.In the cast, alongside Luca Barbareschi: a professional journalistwho is the official “launcher” of unusual and peculiar reports, 3very young pundits with an easy question, the Rimbamband, a jazz-kabaret sextet, and a dance troupe choreographed by ModuloProject composed of four ballerina-burlesque dancers

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