Bla Bla Baby

Regia: Fausto Brizzi
Prodotto da: Eliseo Multimedia, Rai cinema
Con: Alessandro Preziosi, Matilde Gioli, Massimo De Lorenzo, Maria Di Biase, Chiara Noschese, Cristiano Caccamo, Nicolas Vaporidis, Nina Torresi, Nico Di Rienzo, Fabrizio Nardi

Luca Ferrari is the prototypical loser with a past as a former surfer andconstantly looking for a change of course for his life. However, he has tosettle for being one of the janitors at the daycare center for the childrenof the employees of Greenlight: a major multinational environmentaland renewable energy company. A daily grind, indeed, a bit difficult toendure: among the babies, there are howlers, whiners, crawlers, andbottle-beaters. And Luke moves awkwardly in total incommunicabilitywith those babies.“Why is this 11-month-old gnome whining? What does he want? Toomuch feeding, too little feeding, too much napping, too little napping,or does he just want me to go crazy?”These are his constant thoughts. But, in his work, he also finds positiveaspects. At least two. There is, for example, his friend and roommateIvano, an engineer at Greenlight who is designing a robot bee forpollination. And then, how not to fall head over heels for the beautifulSilvia? Too bad she’s the single, unattainable mother of little Martinoas well as the polyglot assistant to Marcello De Bortoli, the company’syoung, upstart administrator. One day Luca, who has an unhealthyfixation on plaice baby food, eats a “genetically modified” one foundin a package that the TG orders to be trashed. And here are the sideeffects. The ability to interpret infants’ lullabies and give them meaningin adult language. And lo and behold, as if by magic, the unfathomablecries, heartbreaking cries, and shrieks become instantly decodable,and that miracle enables Luke to communicate with all the kindergartenchildren. He gradually gains their trust and understands what they wouldlike from their relationship with their parents. Only one, among the littleguests of the kindergarten, will stand up to Luca. This is Martino, Silvia’sson who has realized the dangerous infatuation of his janitor. Too badthat the “baby” prefers as a possible adoptive father, the young andrampant De Bortoli with whom Silvia is beginning a relationship. But thestory is destined to change its course. For the ambitious administrator isvoluntarily throwing Greenlight on the rocks in order to escape abroadwith the funds taken from the company. It will be Luca with Ivano and thegang of children led by little Martino who will foil the evil De Bortoli’splan. They will try to save both Greenlight and its kindergarten, thetrue home for so many young lives still in infancy. Luca’s heroism andgood feelings will dig a furrow in Silvia’s heart, with Martino’s blessing.Meanwhile, the miraculous jars of flounder are destined to run out…


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