Black Out

Regia: Riccardo Donna
Prodotto da: Una cooproduzione Rai Fiction e Eliseo Entertainment con la partecipazione di Viola Film
Con: Alessandro Preziosi, Rike Schmid, Marco Rossetti, Aurora Ruffino

A mountain village, nestled between the beautiful peaks of theItalian Alps. The few inhabitants live with the tourists who havechosen it as their holiday destination. No one in the village knowswho the woman is who, with her daughter, has moved into the hut onthe ridge high above the hotel. Claudia is actually the only witnessto a murder that took place a year earlier when she worked asan emergency room surgeon. Having ended up, together with her17-year-old daughter Anita, in the Witness Protection Programme,she is preparing to confirm what she saw at the trial against thekiller, which will take place in a few weeks. As fate would haveit, it is in that very village that Giovanni is also to be found, thekiller’s brother: a businessman who, behind his respectable identity,conceals his membership of the Mafia clan. Giovanni is there onholiday with his two children, Riccardo and Elena. And once hediscovers Claudia’s presence, he has only one objective: eliminateher! In the same village, accompanied by his new partner, Claudia’sex-husband Marco also arrives, called by his daughter Anita whowants to escape the Witness Programme and live her life freely.The avalanche comes suddenly and mercilessly. Thousands of cubicmetres of ice and debris occlude the only access route to the valleyand take away the light. A total blackout. The consequences aredramatic. Dead, injured, houses destroyed. What is more, thesurvivors are completely isolated because the avalanche has sweptaway the mobile phone repeaters and the radio antenna: there isno way of communicating with the outside world. Anita thus findsherself in a ravine together with Riccardo, while Elena is seriouslyinjured and the only one who can save her is Claudia! Time passes,the light does not return and help does not arrive. Day after day,the black-out erodes fuel and food supplies and, with them, thecertainties that technology and prosperity provide. It subvertssocial roles and with them everyone’s plans: Giovanni’s, Claudia’s,Marco’s… And the more time passes, the more the mystery deepens:why do migratory animals reverse their routes? What prevents theradio waves from working? Why does someone boycott all attemptsto make contact with the outside world? What really happened outthere? A warm, believable and spectacular tale. Totally character-driven. Made of suspense and tension, feelings and humanity. Arealistic and powerful tale of a small and diverse community forcedto come to terms with its truest and deepest identity. Family. Love.Solidarity. Courage. Because it is when man believes he has losteverything that he often finds himself again

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