Cupido – The trouble maker


In Olympus, there is a great commotion. Cupid, the maiden armed with the bow and arrows of desire, has really gone too far. He has madethe virile demigods of some irreverent faun fall in love with him, the gazelles of silky boars, the lively nymphets of the weary secular treesor the most sensual handmaidens of the asexual stone giants. Cupid has had his fun, he has wanted to invent variations on the theme of love but the showdown has come and his mother, Venus, can no longer defend him. Zeus is enraged, his sentence seems final. The rebellious child will have to return his bow and arrows, he will be dismissed from the power of love, which will pass into the hands of Beroe, also the daughter of Venus and that vain Adonis who has always plotted for his daughter to finally have the place she deserves in Olympus. Cupid inveighs,not deeming that punishment just. Half of Olympus was amused by his arrows. He remembers the time when Vulcan, now spent, asked for a little lava help, the time when Bacchus and Apollo had each other pierced away from prying eyes, and then the Minotaur who, without him, wouldhave to make do with a few dappled cows. And also Zeus….starts to add Cupid … who is immediately electrocuted in silence and general embarrassment. But Cupid, in his mother’s heart, has a special place. Venus thus succeeds in breaking through Zeus’ anger and making the fate of her runaway son less nefarious. Cupid, in his childlike guise, will still have to atone for a punishment. He will begin again from Earth, from the lowest rung of the exercise of divine functions, inspiring the love of men, guiding their desires, their instincts and even their dreams. He will be able to guide human beings’ behavior but not conditional their choices. Most importantly, he will have an apprentice bow. The one with timed arrows. Seven hours and the effects will wear off. When and if Cupid has spread enough Love, his stay on Earth will be judged by the sages of ‘Olympus headed by Zeus who has not the slightest hope about the success of the mission. He also gives Venus an ultimatum: if her son fails, he will be sent to Hades as Persephone’s valet suffering from loneliness. The father of all gods spins a large globe at dizzying speed and stops it On a random spot. What trouble for poor Cupid. The destination will be Rome, the most monotheistic city in the world, the most denialist capital of multiple gods.

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