Di moda

Coming exclusively on TimVision, Di Moda, the first talk that breaksthe mold. The new format that does not follow the seasonality offashion shows, but presents and comments on the current events ofthe most famous brands: the fashion agenda of the moment with thevarious types of clothing, colors, contexts and their associations.Di Moda presents a completely unique point of view, not onlyadvice on how to dress, but also the behind-the-scenes stories ofthe world of great designers, told by three great experts: fashioncritic, Daniela Fedi; radio and TV host, Annie Mazzola; and stylist,Simone Guidarelli.The brainchild of Luca Josi, TIM’s Director of Brand Strategy, Mediaand Multimedia Entertainment, Di Moda is an original TimVisionproduction, produced by Luca Barbareschi’s Èliseo entertainment,dedicated to the world of fashion, which allows the audience of fansand non-fans to follow from home, sitting in the front row, the fashionshows of the fall-winter 2021 collections of Armani, Dior,Etro, Fendi, Gucci, Max Mara, Numero 21 and Prada. It will be thetask of the three experts to comment on the most fascinating clothes,explain their uniqueness, tighten up on the details ‘that make thedifference’, the details that distinguish the designers and bet onthem becoming ‘trendy’

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