Doppio Taglio


VALERIA (18) is gay but has not yet had the courage to come out. At a party she kisses her fencing partner GIULIA but the consequences are disastrous: their friendship is shattered and the bullying she suffers from her classmates pushes Valeria to change her environment. She moves to the Society of Duelists, a prestigious gym where she meets the highly skilled MONICA (18): a traumatic episode from her past has led her to suffer from amphiphobia, a rare anxiety disorder that makes physical contact with people intolerable. Only fencing, in which the body is protected by armor and contact occurs only at the point of the sword, has allowed her to gather around her a microcosm of which she feels she is the undisputed queen; but the arrival of Valeria changes everything. After their first meeting on the piste, Valeria discovers that Monica is the founder of a small fight club where young female fencers meet secretly to duel in first blood with real blades, honoring the origins of fencing as an art of settling scores. Initially refractory, Valeria grows closer and closer to Monica, torn between the desire to run away from problems and the temptation to solve them by unconventional methods…

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