Dream Team

Jesi. At the fencing club “On the Roof of the World”; ValentinaVezzali watches Giovanna Trillini avidly for knowledge. They take turns on the training platform.Eyes in eyes, beyond the mask. Valentina and Giovanna are fellow citizens. Giovanna is four years older and represents for Valentine The stimulus to do better, to beat her and be the best. They are very young, have not yet won anything but have crossed blades so many times that they already know each other better than their respective parents. Their rivalry and their destiny are already marked. IfValentina hadn’t watched and admired Giovanna so much, she would probably have been the greatest fencer in the world. ButValentina has success in her DNA and within ten years becomes the most successful athlete in the world. Her own desire to break records is a record. Valentina Vezzali when she puts on her mask and throwsher foil is invincible.Giovanna is no less, of course, always breathing down her neck,always behind, in second place, always a reminder and the same stimulus for Valentina. Vezzali – Trillini, a duo divided between determination and fragility. Two women, two dear friends, two terrible enemies on the piste, always poised on the blade of the eternal challenge. Valentina is called the Cobra, for her constant coldness, speed and lucidity in hitting. Giovanna is exactly the opposite. It is to her that goes the decisive contribution for the team victories in foil. Because she was the glue of the various DreamTeams that succeeded each other, she was the one who managed to smooth out everyone’s angles and put in the decisive points when the situation could have gotten out of hand, thanks to her calm and tranquility that hid, however, a fierce determination.It has never been easy to be Vezzali’s opponent and partner, so strong as to be almost disliked, who one moment beats you, ruining your dream, and the next moment you are forced to cheer for her because she competes alongside you. Today Valentina andGiovanna meet again “on the roof of the world”; knowing that they have really been there. Neither of them has been able to say goodbye to fencing and once off the pitch they have decided to continue breathing the atmosphere of that gym that saw them bornand grow. They still observe each other so as not to miss blows, to teach the right ones to the new, future Dream Teams

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