Edda Ciano e il comunista

eliseo entertainment fiction edda ciano e il comunista graziano diana 2011
Regia: Graziano Diana
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Stefania Rocca, Alessandro Preziosi, Dajana Roncione, Ilaria Occhini, Alessio Vassallo, Federica De Cola

It is the autumn of 1945 when former partisan Leonida Bongiorno, after thewar, returns to Lipari. Shortly afterwards Edda Ciano, Benito Mussolini’sdaughter, lands on the island where she is taken into confinement. Greetedwith contempt general disdain, Edda is searched, humiliated and taken tothe hovel in which she will have to live for a year. Lipari too is scarredby the war: its its inhabitants suffer from hunger and the joy of life hasdisappeared. Leonida after all the horrors he has seen, he thirsts for life,and with his friends he works to improve the to improve conditions onthe island: he puts together his father’s band his father’s band, promotesthe activities of the reborn Communist Party, and manages find flour todistribute democratically. Precisely during distribution a brawl breaksout, in which Leonidas saves Edda from a bolted horse. It is an intensefirst encounter that will be followed by others. They see the terrible livingconditions the woman is forced to live in, Leonidas offers Edda to livein a house he owns. In the days Leonidas and Edda get to know eachother. And they like each other. A night trip in the enchanting HellenicBay establishes a silent promise. For friends and relatives, Leonida haslost his head: she is Edda Ciano, the daughter of the Duce; the daughterof the man who led Italy to ruin. Both father and party companions feelbetrayed. Edda meanwhile receives the news that her confinement hasbeen increased to five years. The hope of seeing her children fades. Thedespair that follows leads to an argument with Leonidas that ends withtheir first kiss, heartfelt, nervous, necessary. It is the prelude to the lovethat will overwhelm them both. Leonidas’ complicity with Edda leads himto retrieve for her, her husband Cyan’s diaries, evading the surveillanceof the authorities who have been searching for them in vain since arrivedon the island. Suddenly Annetta, the maid who works in woman’s house,disappears. Edda, initially accused of being the cause, she manages tofind the girl and reunite her with her father: a gesture that people andallows her to be accepted by the community. Liparota community. It seemsthat all the pieces are finally in place, but Edda is shocked by news asexpected as it is bitter: she can return home and see her children again.Leonidas promises her they will see each other soon, but their lives claimthem: Edda waits to meet her children and Leonidas is offered the postof mayor of Lipari. Leonidas realises that the world does not belong tohim, but the feeling that unites them is strong and the two meet for the lasttime to close accounts with the past. After deliver Ciano’s diaries into safehands, they live a last night of love in which images of the present and thefuture merge for an instant. Then they must return to their lives and saygoodbye forever.



Miglior Tv Movie e Migliore Attrice (Stefania Rocca) del Roma Fiction Festival del 2011 Menzione Speciale per la Migliore Sceneggiatura della Giuria SACT/100 Autori all’interno del Roma Fiction Festival del 2011.

Stefania Rocca ha ricevuto il premio come Miglior Attrice al XVI° Internacional  TV Festival di Bar del 2011.                       

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