Giorni da leone 2

eliseo entertainment giorni da leone alfredo francesco barilli luca barbareschi 2002
Regia: Francesco Barilli
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia
Con: Luca Barbareschi, Natasha Stefanenko, Emanuele Arrigazzi, Roberto Herlitzka, Manuela Mandracchia, Rosa Pianeta

Leone’s adventures begin again. Almost four years have passedsince we left him about to get married to the beautiful Marta, editorof one of the magazines he works for. Marriage has taught himfidelity, and since that journey together that made him discoverthem, his relationship with his five sons is constant and participative:so the selfish father and the lying seducer no longer exist? So itseems but… As everyone knows, it is always with a ‘but’ that storiesbegin. Leone is in India for a report on tigers, his son Carlo, now 21years old, is his assistant… in order to save his son from the attack ofa tiger, Leone falls from the watchtower and breaks his leg. Journeyover, early return and shocking surprise: Marta betrays him. Hencethe sparkling comedy of deception and mutual lies that the two playoff each other with virtuosic bravura is suspended in the momentswhen life shows its most serious and painful face, such as the deathof Leone’s mother, or the escape of Mattia and Elia, or the trial inwhich an attempt is made to take away Leo’s patria patriae of Luke.But then distrust and fear of doing wrong regain the upper hand inboth of them. So much so as to push them to a shared decision tosay goodbye to each other. Nine months later, on Christmas Eve,in the house of Gualtieri the whole family is reunited. A family anextended family, to be sure, as is increasingly the case today. Thereis Leone, his ex-wives with their new partners or companions, theirchildren and even a grandchild. children and even a newly arrivedgrandchild. And they are joined by Titti, who in the distance hasrealised that she cannot do without either of Leone or of his wayof living life, so ruffled and messy but so authentic and generous.messy but so authentic and generous.

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