A hospital room in semi-darkness, the window shutters almost completely closed. Anna is surrounded by doctors and nurses who are carefully removing a bandage from her eyes. She has undergone a cornea transplant, and today, for the first time, the bandage is being removed. All around her the doctors and nurses are also anxious because Anna is not just any old patient, Anna is one of the best emergency nurses in the hospital, competent, sharp, with strong nerves. But none of the cases she has handled so far have prepared her to become a patient, and Anna feels as if she is in a foreign land, fearful, helpless. Anna cautiously opens her eyes. Shadows, only shadows. Which only very slowly acquires a modicum of clarity. The doctors and nurses in the foreground remain indistinct silhouettes, but at least she manages to catch a glimpse of them. The same goes for two other figures at the back of the room, who only now stepforward and call her name. They are her husband Marco, and her daughterSara. Anna recognises the shapes of the bodies and faces, and pulls her family members into an emotional embrace. When Anna finally returns home, she allows herself to think like a nightmare about the time in the past when darkness gradually enveloped her without remedy. Everything Is behind her, she can now resume her normal life, she can devote herself to Marco, to Sara, whom she only now realizes she has neglected for too long because of the illness. However, while she is still convalescing and her eyes still have difficulty focusing on objects and people around her, something strange happens. Her vision becomes altered, distorted,strange details appear that Anna does not know how to interpret. The Succession of visions leads her to the conviction that she is seeing fragments of her donor’s life and finding out who his corneas belonged to become a priority for her. Despite the fact that Anna is a pragmatic woman and despite everyone, including her sister-in-law who is a psychiatrist, telling her that the alterations in her vision are due to post-transplant settlement, Anna Feels that this is not the case and begins to try to find out who the donor of her corneas is. She feels that therein lies the key to the mystery that is driving her crazy. So she starts to investigate and discovers that it is Giulia,a policewoman who had died a few weeks earlier. Anna therefore focuses on Giulia’s life, finds a way to get in touch with her world and approaches her husband Luca. But Anna’s succession of visions also affects her familylife, which she ends up neglecting and losing sight of, in pursuit of what has now become an obsession. The relationship with Marco openly enters into crisis, Sara seems to shut herself off and flee from a mother whose distances he perceives. The marital crisis pushes Anna to get involved with Luca, thepolicewoman’s handsome husband. At the same time, however, she begins to suspect that the accident that caused Giulia’s death was provoked… Shethen discovers links between Giulia and her husband Marco… Anna is now convinced that the woman who is ‘talking’ to her through a supernatural language wants to push her to find a different truth about her death. What Does the woman who is manifesting herself to her want to communicate? Is it all the result of suggestion? It is only now, on the edge, that Anna realises: she must open her eyes to her daughter Sara! It is she who is really exposed to the danger, a threat that Giulia was trying to avert and which caused her death.


Altro da È FICTION