I misteri di Laura

eliseo entertainment fiction i misteri di laura alberto ferrari carlotta natoli 2015
Regia: Alberto Ferrari
Prodotto da: Eliseo Cinema con Rai Cinema
Con: Carlotta Natoli, Daniele Pecci, Fatima Trotta, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Eleonora Sergio, Daniele Foresi, Giulia Salerno

Laura Moretti is a police inspector as brilliant as she is messy. Shehas to reconcile a demanding job with being a mother of threechildren, including eight-year-old pestiferous twins. She recentlyseparated from her husband Iacopo after his betrayal, which stillburns his betrayal, which still stings and, child management aside,she hopes therefore hopes to see as little of him as possible were itnot that Iacopo is surprisingly appointed head of the police stationwhere Laura, effectively becoming her boss! And while Iacopoappears more than ever determined to win her back, Laura isjoined by a new investigating partner: the charming womanizerMatteo who would expect everything except to be conquered bythat inspector who, between a shopping spree at the supermarketand the reception of professors, manages to solve the most absurdcases and bring the guilty to to justice the culprits

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