La strada di casa 2

eliseo entertainment fiction la strada di casa 2 riccardo donna alessio boni 2019
Regia: Riccardo Donna
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai fiction
Con: Alessio Boni, Benedetta Cimatti, Christiane Filangieri, Eugenio Franceschini, Paolo Graziosio

La strada di casa 2is the second season of the successful seriesproduced by Casanova Multimedia S.p.A. for Rai Fiction, whichwith flattering ratings and peaks of 30% share kept Rai 1 viewerscaptivated in the autumn. captivated Rai 1 viewers in autumn2017. Also in this second season, the setting will mainly be thatof Cascina Morra, a magnificent agricultural estate in the vicinityof Turin. We will meet again the characters of the Morra family,starting from the protagonist Fausto Morra played by Alessio Boniand they will be joined by new fascinating characters: Mauro ayoung former cellmate of Fausto’s who goes to work at CascinaMorra and to whom a great mystery is linked; Valerio Lorenzo’sgreat rival in the management of the brewing consortium of beerand Milena’s lover despite being married and having a son;Commissioner Leonardi, a determined and stubborn womandetermined to solve once and for all the mystery surrounding thefarmstead and the Morra family. Also in this season the elementthriller will mix with the relational one, and themes of stringentcurrent affairs such as the use of pesticides or fraud in the field oforganic organic brands will become the starting point for a plotfull of twists twists and strong emotions.

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