Miseria e Nobiltà

Eliseo-Entertainment-Teatro_MISERIA-E-NOBILTA di edoardo scarpetta con Lello Arena regia Luciano Melchionna
Regia: Luciano Melchionna
Prodotto da: Teatro Eliseo, Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro con Tunnel Produzioni
Di: Eduardo Scarpetta
Con: Lello Arena, Maria Bolignano, Tonino Taiuti, Giorgia Trasselli

In a basement/landfill/underground, never finished and never decorated, where instincts and waste hide, among the ashes of misery proliferate and struggle for survival the characters of this new adaptation of Miseria e nobiltà that Luciano Melchionna presents its natural premiere at Teatro Eliseo, signing the dramaturgical adaptation with Lello Arena. Characters, those of Scarpetta, who, inMelchionna’s reinterpretation, drag their bodies like ghosts hungry for food and life, poised between the misery of the present and the nobility of tradition, understood as a warning of quality and right balance

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