Nebbie e Delitti

eliseo entertainment nebbie e delitt riccardo donna luca barbareschi 2005
Regia: Riccardo Donna
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia
Con: Luca Barbareschi, Natasha Stefanenko, Mariano Rigillo

The TV miniseries is structured in 3 seasons of four episodes stand-alone, inspired by as many novels by Valerio Varesi, scripted bySilvia Napolitano and Angelo Pasquini. The direction is entrusted toRiccardo Donna and the leading role to Luca Barbareschi.Each film in the series has at its centre an investigation byCommissioner Soneri, head of the Ferrara Mobile Squad who,individualistic in his work and not only, works assisted by a smallteam of loyalists who constitute a separate nucleus within theQuestura. His investigations concern a series of crimes of a verydifferent naturedifferent from each other, each hiding a disturbing mystery, andwhich bring to light the tragic and bitter, surprising or grotesque,of that industrious and apparently tranquil world of the Po Valleyprovince, which constitutes one of the richest and developed areasof our country. In the wake of the great detectives of the past, bothliterary and cinematographic, the restless Soneri does not stop stopat finding a culprit. It is as if around the figure of the murderer, aweb of different motives thickens, of widespread co-responsibility,as if the crime were the rotten fruit of an environment in which timehas sedimented resentments, injustices never repaired and desiresfor revenge. In the third season the commissioner the theatre of thecases he is called upon to solve, will no longer be Ferrara but Turin.A harsh, closed, nervous city, stratified socially, dark and crystalline,represents strong contrasts and is moves, pulsates, at great speed. Itis precisely here, in this city that Soneri closes with his past and cutsout the deadwood. A new team awaits him. A new love story. Thepath is difficult, full of obstacles, emotions, twists and turns. Becausethe roads of the heart are no less adventurous, less breath taking,than the ‘yellow’ ones. One element is still missing: Immaculata. Ayoung girl of fourteen, runaway, liar, wild, ruffian, resourceful, witha past difficult past and a mysterious future. Imma elects Soneri asher stepfather and from this moment on, our commissioner findshimself having to having to perform the not easy task of adoptiveparent, he who father has never been.

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