Nero Wolfe

eliseo entertainment fiction nero wolfe riccardo donna piero bodrato investigativo 2012
Regia: Riccardo Donna, Piero Bodrato
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Francesco Pannofino, Pietro Sermonti, Andy Luotto, Marcello Mazzarella, Michele La Ginestra, Giulia Bevilacqua

Unsocial, manic and misogynistic. Yet, even the FBI had toacknowledge that his investigative flair is unmatched.It’s Nero Wolfe. It is 1959: he moved to Rome with his assistantArchie Goodwin, America’s best detective, has two goals: to finda cook at the height of his palate and set up a large greenhouseto keep the orchids of which he is a collector. Pastimes that requirededication, but above all, money. Solicited by the far more concreteGoodwin, who procures clients, Wolfe investigates the cases ofmurder in the city: a poisoned young woman, a murdered universityprofessor, a wealthy philanthropist that was run over … without evermoving from home! It is Goodwin who, exploiting the ‘American’charm and an out-of-the-ordinary gab, explores the crime scene,interrogates the suspects and obtains the information necessaryfor Wolfe, through his incredible intuitive ability, the identity of theculprit.THE PROJECT At the base there is an eye to the past: the series, hedoes not have the Rex Stout yellows as his only reference, but hewants to establish a link with the Rai television series of the end ofthe 60ies is interpreted by the unforgettable Tino Buazzelli. Also,there is the will to stage, with a hint of nostalgia retro, the yearsof the Italian economic boom with colourful characters and naive,the birth of television, the development of industry national, thecreativity of design, fashion, advertising, le first emigrations fromthe south and the emergence of the suburbs, the explosion of popmusic. To play the famous detective, without no awe, FrancescoPannofino was called while in the role of the assistant we will findPietro Sermonti: he meets so a comic couple of Boris, only this timethe two will be the absolute protagonists of the eight episodes ofthe series. To complete the main cast, we find Andy Luotto in therole of the brilliant cook Nanni Laghi and Giulia Bevilacqua as theassaulted journalist Rosa Petrini. There will also be some guest starsin each episode that will enrich an already exceptional cast.



MOIGE (Movimento Italiano Genitori) come Miglior Fiction della stagione televisiva 2011/2012; 

Premio LARA al Roma Fiction Fest 2012 come Miglior Attrice a Giulia Bevilacqua.

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