Rocco Chinnici

eliseo entertainment fiction rocco chinnici michele soavi caterina chinnici 2017
Regia: Michele Soavi
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai fiction
Con: Sergio Castellitto, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Manuela Ventura, Bernardo Casertano, Paolo Giangrasso, Massimo De Santis, Luigi Imola, Virginia La Tella, Rosa Diletta Rossi

Chinnici was the first magistrate to deeply understand the mafiaphenomenon, to call it by name, to understand the fact that themafia had strong ties in an international level and with political-institutional environments. And that is why he was the firstmagistrate killed with a car bomb: on a symbolic level it was notenough to kill him, he had to be physically erased.Fraternal friend of Falcone and Borsellino, he is the creator ofwhat will become the anti-mafia pool, that systematized thecollection of information and conducted investigations that willlead to the maxi trial that will be held after his death and whichwill behead the dome of the Cosa Nostra.Rocco Chinnici was also the first magistrate to go to schools,because he understood the value of legality education toeradicate “the bad weed” at its roots.A story that has not yet been told, read through the privilegedgaze of the eldest daughter, Caterina, who then has followed inhis footsteps, and that is narrated in the book “Your kiss on theforehead is so light”, from which the TV film is based

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