Sangue Gruppo Zero


Anna Crotone, a young PM on her first assignment, investigates the case of two transsexuals killed and set on fire. The investigations lead the woman to quickly discover the identity of the killer: he is Attilio Vargas, Chief Prosecutor of Siena, a very powerful man and her direct boss. It was enough for her to connect some cases for which in recent years Vargas had been indicted to identify him as the main suspect. Anna also discovers that the entire Judiciary has been scandalously aware of his crimes for years and discovers how his esteemed colleagues have covered everything up.


Anna immediately realizes that framing Vargas will not be easy, she will need overwhelming evidence that can only be obtained from the inside. She needs an infiltrator, a prey. The choice will fall on Luigi Pomarici, Louise, a former soldier who became a woman after being involved in an attack while on a mission in Kabul.


Louise will enter the world of transsexual prostitution, a murky reality made up of clandestine videos and blackmails where leading figures from Siena politics, judiciary and entrepreneurship appear.

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