Something Good

eliseo entertainment cinema someting good luca barbareschi mi fido di te 2013
Regia: Luca Barbareschi
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema
Di: Luca Barbareschi
Con: Con Luca Barbareschi, Jingchu Zhang, Kenneth Tsang, Gary Lewis, Carl Long Ng

Something Goodis a 2013 film directed by Luca Barbareschi, looselybased on the novel I Trust You by Francesco Abate and MassimoCarlotto. Starring Luca Barbareschi, Zhang Jingchu, Kenneth Tsang,Gary Lewis, and Carl Long Ng.A small village in the Yunnan region of China.A young woman, Xiwen, loses her only child, Shitou, who diespoisoned by adulterated food. Matteo works for the Feng Group,a Hong Kong-based multinational corporation that, among manyother businesses, runs a criminal trade in adulterated food that isdistributed around the world. Matteo begins an unscrupulous climbto success and it is at this moment of highest prestige that Matteomeets Xiwen who has also moved to Hong Kong.The adulterated food trafficker and the woman, who lost a son tothat trafficking, meet by chance in the restaurant she opened inmemory of her son, to wage a personal battle for food authenticityand conscious food consumption.Both are unaware of the truth that the other is hiding and at thesame time do not imagine that that meeting will turn their lives upsidedown


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