Trilogia carrozzeria Orfeo

Regia: Gabriele Di Luca , Massimiliano Setti , Alessandro Tedeschi
Prodotto da: Carrozzeria Orfeo in coproduzione con Teatro dell’Elfo, Teatro Eliseo, Marche Teatro
Di: Carrozzeria Orfeo
Con: Gabriele Di Luca, Massimiliano Setti, Alessandro Tedeschi, Beatrice Schiros

A trilogy that will allow penetration into the delicate “human comedy” of contemporaneity that Carrozzeria Orfeo portrays, socially unstable, full of neuroses and weaknesses. A theater, defined by many as pop, that blends irony and tragedy, amusement and drama, in a continuous excursion between reality and the absurd,the sublime and the banal.Popular and profound, funny and irreverent, raw and crude but at the same time poetic, the characters move on that fragile boundary where, suddenly, everything can inevitably resolve or precipitate

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