Tutta la musica del cuore

eliseo entertainment fiction tutta la musica del cuore ambrogio lo giudice
Regia: Ambrogio Lo Giudice
Prodotto da: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Con: Francesca Cavallin, Johannes Brandrup, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Ugo Pagliai, Antonio Stornaiolo, Rosanna Sferrazza, Laura Glavan, Valentina Corti, Matteo Basso, Giulio Beranech, Giordano Franchetti, Federico Scoponi, Frank Crudele, Paolo De Vita, Anna Ferruzzo

Just one wrong move and the young Ministry official of EducationAngela is relegated to a remote Conservatory of Southern Italy, toverify that the accounts are proceeding as they should.Despite the warm welcome of a bright and genuine Puglia, it isperceived as in a distant world, which follows unwritten rules, inwhich one of the few to claim legality aloud is a teacher local,Mattia. After an initial confrontation, an alliance will be born withhim decisive for defending the school: the battle for Music is, in fact,perhaps the last chance not to silence the other music forever, thesilent one that is in each of us, and which is called hope.THE PROJECT Fiction is an opportunity to talk about music classicalas a vital activity, no longer stale or elitist, which is proposed asa positive response to the creeping illegality in Southern Italy.Furthermore, there is the will to investigate that subtle relationshipbetween music and young people which has spawned severalsuccessful broadcasts in recent years.

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